Monolithic Silicon Photonics Technology

Sicoya’s approach of monolithically integrating both the analog electronics and the optics in the same silicon chip (EPIC) offers disruptive benefits to cost, power efficiency, data density, and production scalability.

  • EPIC eliminates multiple components by combining a variety of electronic and optical functions into a single die
  • Reduces manufacturing cost by simplifying packaging/assembly
  • Wafer level testing of electrical and optical functions optimizes cost model
  • Cost-effective 8” wafer process
  • Combining electronic/photonic elements eliminates electrical channels between components
  • Eliminating electrical traces improves power efficiency by eliminating power required to communicate between chips
  • High data rates (>200Gb/s) can be achieved by tightly coupling electronic and photonic elements
  • Single-chip solutions result in fewer traces between components, resulting in space savings
  • Data-rates are maximized by tightly coupling electronic/photonic components
  • Integrated Monitoring/Control loops reduce pad count, which reduces overall chip area
  • Compatible with multi-core fiber for ultra-high density
  • Signal quality of the E/O and O/E are optimized in highly precise lithographic processes
  • High volume is achieved through wafer-scale manufacturing processes
  • Wafer-level production testing of optical and electrical functions optimizes down-stream yield
  • Simplified packaging enabled by EPIC reduces assembly complexity