Silicon Photonics

Since the 1980s the combination of optics in silicon with chip fabrication processes has been a tremendously successful endeavor, yielding solutions that have not been thought possible before. Following the fabrication of purely photonic circuitry, the holy grail of Silicon Photonics, namely the cointegration of ultra-small micro-electronics and photonics on one silicon chip, is a reality as of now and ready for mass production.


Silicon Photonics will disrupt the market over the next decade. Such a disruption will require the development of wafer-scale optical manufacturing, packaging and testing technologies (Lightcounting market review 2015 and 2016).


The scientific findings from our many years of technology development have already been published in numerous journal and conference articles. With regard to the many research grants and collaborations we are happy to share these results with the public and thus be able to give an insight into this exciting topic.