Silicon Photonics

Today’s hyperscale datacenters require vast amounts of data to be transferred between any two points within the datacenter. These connections can reach up to 3km and may require 100’s of Gb/s per connection. A challenge for optical transceiver manufacturers is balancing the technical aspects of high speed/long reach data transmission and the manufacturing cost/volume required by hyperscale datacenter operators. Sicoya’s silicon photonics technology is able to meet these requirements by integrating electronic and photonic components side-by side into single monolithic chips. Monolithic integration eliminates components/packaging which can limit performance/cost of legacy transceiver architectures.


The scientific findings from our many years of technology development have already been published in numerous journal and conference articles. With regard to the many research grants and collaborations we are happy to share these results with the public and thus be able to give an insight into this exciting topic.