In 2014, $143 billion dollars were invested in new data centers. According to the Yole Report (2015), $40 billion dollars of that amount went into hosting infrastructure like optical and electrical interconnects. This is just the beginning of advanced computing and groundbreaking new applications like Mobile Video, Big Data, Deep Neural Networks, and the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). Accordingly, data center operators need to massively invest in their infrastructure to keep pace with this evolution, leading in turn to enormous costs.
Subsequently, the provider will naturally pass on these costs of hardware infrastructure upgrade and expansion to the suppliers. Thus, low cost devices are mandatory and will be critical for a successful market entry of any new technology or device.
More than 72 % of the global IP data traffic takes place within or between data centers. The development of the market is aimed at an ever greater integration and miniaturization, revealing a greater need for fast and low cost interconnects (Yole Report 2016). These prospects create an enormous growth potential for silicon photonics. Sicoya´s transceiver technology can be the enabler to leverage these demands. Currently, silicon photonics technology still occupies a niche market, but the disruptive technology will grow at a cumulative rate of 38 % CAGR during the next years.